My Life with Cameras…


Mohan Thomas I was born and raised along with two younger brothers in the  beautiful city of Bangalore. I have been blessed to have caring parents and it gives me immense joy as I recollect my wonderful childhood memories. Growing up, we had a Yashica D Twin lens camera at home, which was the reason I got drawn towards photography. The concept of capturing precious moments … [Read more...]

Tell a Story


Why is it that some pictures appeal to us and some don’t? Let’s first take ‘why some pictures don’t appeal’. The reasons could be varied – the subject could be uninteresting, the composition (framing) could be wrong, the lighting could be ‘flat’ or having too much contrast, the exposure could be less  than perfect, the image could be shaky or out of focus, the subject could have … [Read more...]

Miniature Art


Umesh Thakker is a self-taught freelance hobbyist photographer. He started a few years ago with portraiture and landscape photography and soon graduated in the art of editing. On occasions, he used to create greeting cards for his doctor-son but he wanted to create ‘something different’. One day, as he was watching the movie ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’, it struck him with an idea … [Read more...]

My Life with Cameras…


During my school years we had a Konica Minolta point and shoot film camera which was mostly used during functions, festivals and trips. It was my duty to take the photos and I gradually became interested in photography. I wanted to know how an SLR works and what is the photography process. When I was in an art school I learnt about camera manufactures like Pentax, Nikon, … [Read more...]

Monochrome Masterpieces


Colour Photography might have taken some charm away from the world of monochrome, especially in amateur photography, but there are still some aspects that can only be replicated by the time-tested Black and  Whites. This issue of Smart Photography is dedicated to Black and Whites, and what better way to celebrate the power of monochrome than to dedicate a section to some … [Read more...]