Captivating Visions


Wildlife photography, like landscape photography, is probably the most sought-after genre of photography for nature lovers. Photographers travel to every nook and corner of the world to indulge in this profession or hobby. And they work real hard – being a wildlife photographer means much more than just being able to afford expensive gear. Unless we are dedicated to w … [Read more...]

My Life with Cameras: Rustom Davar


As a young kid, I watched with amazement my father taking photographs with a folding plate film camera, and then colouring the prints with a paint brush. The camera was a pre-war Goertz made by C.P. Goertz and Co. (now defunct). My elder brother (elder by six years) inherited the camera, and in the fifties it was still possible to find a photo store who would cut and load … [Read more...]

My Life with Cameras…


Mohan Thomas I was born and raised along with two younger brothers in the  beautiful city of Bangalore. I have been blessed to have caring parents and it gives me immense joy as I recollect my wonderful childhood memories. Growing up, we had a Yashica D Twin lens camera at home, which was the reason I got drawn towards photography. The concept of capturing precious moments … [Read more...]

Tell a Story


Why is it that some pictures appeal to us and some don’t? Let’s first take ‘why some pictures don’t appeal’. The reasons could be varied – the subject could be uninteresting, the composition (framing) could be wrong, the lighting could be ‘flat’ or having too much contrast, the exposure could be less  than perfect, the image could be shaky or out of focus, the subject could have … [Read more...]

Miniature Art


Umesh Thakker is a self-taught freelance hobbyist photographer. He started a few years ago with portraiture and landscape photography and soon graduated in the art of editing. On occasions, he used to create greeting cards for his doctor-son but he wanted to create ‘something different’. One day, as he was watching the movie ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’, it struck him with an idea … [Read more...]