Pictorial Souvenirs


Gurdas Dua, who specialises in nature, wildlife, portrait & advertising photography, is a Fellow of India International Photographic Council, Butterfly Art Foundation as well as an Honorary Associate of Pictorial Art Society of Pakistan. Gurdas has conducted several technical and specialised photographic campaigns for the Archaeological Survey of India. He has documented … [Read more...]

The star that shines bright

Night at Key Monastery

As told to Unnati Sagar Nimit Nigam is a 27 years old, self-trained photographer from Delhi, India. Being an avid learner, Nimit’s thirst for something more than paints and canvases landed him in the field of photography. He thus started clicking frames instead of painting them. He likes photographing different subjects and works across various genres of photography. He hold … [Read more...]

The West Side Story

NYC from the top of Empire States Building

Sudarshan Mondal loves making images and the creative process it involves. He photographs mundane things, people on streets, landscapes, nature, and travel; both in color and black & white. Born and brought up in a village in West Bengal, Sudarshan studied electrical engineering, and now works in a multinational software firm. He has been fortunate enough to spend a good … [Read more...]

Marco’s World Of Landscapes

Manarola, Italy

Marco Grassi, a self-taught photographer from Italy, is focused on landscape and travel photography. After travelling to New Zealand, and spending a year backpacking in and around the scenic wonders of the country, nature had an extremely positive effect on him which urged him to capture those great landscapes. This was the time when he bought his first camera and immersed into … [Read more...]

A Slice Of Heaven


Nagesh Hedge was born and brought up in Malenadu, Karnataka. It is a richlyforested, heavy rainfall area. It covers the major parts of the Western Ghats and is the greenest region of Karanataka. This is one of the primary reasons that he is involved in landscape photography. His love for nature takes him to the unexplored and hidden landscapes. Working in the IT industry gives … [Read more...]